Vlog - Jim Carrey, Bike riding, Gilmore Girls and Thanksgiving

Vlog - Jim Carrey, Bike riding, Gilmore Girls and Thanksgiving


Jim Carrey, Bike riding, Gilmore Girls and an amazing Thanksgiving feast with our extended family.

This weekend I thought I’d take a stab recording a vlog for the day I ended up using this app on my iPhone called Storie. The app is pretty neat because it lets you record little snips of video and then edit them the way that you want them to be edited and then I’ll post it to their social network as well as to any place you like including twitter Facebook and you guessed it, YouTube.  It’s been a little while since I recorded a Vlog so I thought I would try it out.  Quite a few years back used to record a daily vlog when bandwidth wasn’t as great and cameras weren’t all that awesome either.  Being able to do just about everything including the edit on the phone was pretty interesting, I like the fact that I was able to record these little video clips press the save button and then dropped the phone and stuff it in my pocket and when something else that was interesting would happen I just pulled the phone out will be out and press record and it continued record right where I left off.  The main thing I liked is it didn’t require any extra apps just the one out and nothing more.  If I wanted to make this vlogging thing a habit I’d probably end up with some type of intro and outro video that I could just place into the video sequence in post with little to no effort.

A bunch of stuff happened this day, we went for a bike ride, then jess got tired and I went for a 5 mile ride in the hill near our house. We watching Gilmore Girls, the first episode of many many episodes. You know, they’re actually bringing that show back on Netflix for a season which is pretty cool.  I’m not entirely sure about having Jess watch Gilmore girls,  It isn’t something that she wouldn’t hear adults talk about in person and if anything the many things that happen to Rory in the series may be good for her to see, dunno. It’s been a long time since I watched that show.

later in the day we went to our extended families house for an early Thanksgiving dinner which ended up being amazing I got to take some pretty cool photos and ended up continuing the vlog a little bit.  Hopefully, I didn’t ruin anyone’s Christmas with someone’s unveiling of various names being picked and presents being purchased for one another that I may or may not have recorded.

The real question is will I thought vlog again not, I’m not entirely sure,  it’s super easy to do it using that story out but requires a lot of thinking and realizing what you’re actually recording whether you should recorded or not.