Weekend Update

Jen, Chris, Jessalyn, and I went out to “The Citadel” to do some shopping. They had a massive Xmas tree on display which was cool to see. I took some pictures on my camera phone but it looks like a big white blur. Jen got some dishes at the Corning outlet store, and we shopped at Old Navy Outlet and then we ate Panda Express (which tasted kinda weird.. too much sauce or something).

Around 11ish I took Jess and Caitlin out for a little adventure. We went out and did some shopping for a few people on my list I didn’t get much for and went to AAA to pay for our membership. 4hrs later we came home to a clean house. I <3 the cleaning fairy, she kicks butt!

Kelly and Summer came over to hang out, have dinner with us and exchange presents. I got this cool remote BBQ thermometer that can identify meat and tell you what way to cook it. Then Isaac took Caitlin to his house for the week (the house is going to sound very different for the next few days). Tomorrow my family is coming out to see us. Mom, Bill and Brandon.. yeah Brandon too?!?! I’ll keep you posted.