On Saturday, March 16, 2013, Gangplank Avondale was the host of WordUP AZ, a one-day event for WordPress Developers. The event was kicked off at 9:00AM and ran just shy of 3:00PM.

I drove out with my family to attend the WordUP AZ event with my friend Cody Landefeld of CodyL.com. The event was structured as unconference which allowed the attendees the opportunity to bring up topics they most want to learn about while also allowing them to share their own expertise. I brought along my video equipment and recorded the event for them. (I neglected to pack the VGA splitter so I didn’t get the screens straight from the projector like I do at OCWP)

I spoke about how developers can use DesktopServer to test new plugins and functionality without destroying their live sites and demoed a few responsive video plugins for responsive design use.

You can view my recordings below:

John Hawkins

Corey Crowley

Kyle Theisen

Jason Tucker