Head in the clouds – 4K time-lapse of clouds with birds on a power line

Yesterday I recorded a time-lapse of clouds and I wanted to get the power lines in the shot to watch the number of birds that land on it. The shot it’s composed right but the result is interesting. I lined up the camera with the power line just over the neighbors apartment (you can see it in the shot at the bottom of the screen) and set the camera to time-lapse at ISO 200 32mm 0ev f/5.4 1/400. I then had the camera render out the video itself and it produced the image above.

I’ve looked at ways to do some post processing of the images before turning them into a video off camera and have found Mac App Store – Sequence to be a pretty cool app to try. I captured a time-lapse last night of the moon from my patio as a test and accidentally forgot to turn on manual focus so the video keeps jumping in and out of focus, here is what not do to when taking a photo of the sky especially when it’s in low light.

As you can tell, experimenting leads to learning. I hope if someone is just starting out with photography finds my blog posts about it will learn from my mistakes and can correct themselves before spending 2-3 hours capturing a time-lapse like I did 🙂

What I have learned is that taking the photo is just the first part in taking a good photo, shooting in RAW allows for post production work to happen and I need to learn how to do that. Time lapses in particular can be edited just fine using software such as Sequence or LRTimeLapse4. I’m working on getting there but I’m far from a Lightroom Pro so Sequence may have to do for now.

Blue Moon Eve Timelapse in 4K

So tonight it’s what I’m calling “Blue Moon Eve” and after reading about the “Blue Moon” I thought I’d see how awesome the moon looked tonight. Once I went outside I saw CLOUDS lots and lots of clouds! I took about 20 time-lapse shots and then cars kept coming down my street (yup, I was in the middle of my cul-de-sac with my tripod taking pictures of what looked like the side of my apartment building. As you can see in my other time lapses the sky has been this murky nastiness so seeing something new like this tonight I just had to get the camera out and get to snapping.

Here is the specs for this shoot:

On my Panasonic DMC-G7 I setup a 10 second interval with 5″ (second) shutter at 200 ISO with f5.6. I used the  G Vario 1:3.5-5.6/14-42 kit lens. I ended up shooting about 278 photos (I would have done more but my battery was running out of juice) I set the LVF (live view finder) to only in the eye piece to save on battery. I then combined all the photos in-camera to make a 30 fps video file at 4K resolution. I uploaded it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Airplane time lapse and long exposures

Today being Friday and not having anything to do I thought I’d take on a suggestion my coworker Dave suggested and try my hand and doing airplane tim e apses. I live in Whittier which is pretty close to being under the flightpath of LAX airport. Having this to my advantage I walked outside my apartment and went ahead and setup my tripod and brought out a few folding chairs out and weirded out my neighbors.

Pointed my camera at the sky
Pointed my camera at the sky

Looking north you can see the airplanes fly above the tree in the photo above. They fly in from right side of the phot0 over to the left side just clearing the tree.

I didn’t get enough photos to do a time lapse so here is a gif of the photos above 🙂