Apple Vision Pro Demo - my thoughts

Apple Vision Pro Demo - my thoughts

Today I did a demo of the Apple Vision Pro at the local Apple Store and wanted to share my thoughts. I wear glasses and was told to bring them to the demo so they could pull the prescriptions off of them and then using that information can get the correct ZEISS Optical Inserts for me to use for the demo. They took my glasses and inserted them into this device in a white box that read the prescription.

You can see them doing this in this video

It took a few minutes for them to get this info, they did a scan of my face and ears and then magically an employee came out with a tray with the face shield, optical inserts and everything all correctly sized and ready to go.

The demo is the one that all of the podcasters and youtubers have talked about, doing some basic setup moving your eyes around and pinching some dots in a circle a few times and then getting into how to move windows around and resize them. After that its scrolling web pages and watching lots of videos and zooming into photos. Overall the on-rails demo is a great way to get to know the device. Is it for me? This iteration is very expensive for by budget but I can see may awesome uses for it if I was someone that traveled a lot or something.

My thoughts are that the interface does require some precision to do things, videos of people walking around flicking their arms around while exiting a car and walking down the street are bogus, the cursor is where your eyes are looking at and your hand is the left mouse button when you pinch there are some other gestures as well but it's going to take a bit for this device to mature. Manipulating photos with pinch and zoom are really cool but not having a gaming controller to do things with makes this a very interesting device for gaming, no idea how that is going to play out only time will tell. Apple isn't good at gaming so it's going to take a strong partner to make something like that happen here. If I was an app developer with a solid idea I'd be all over this but outside of that i think this device is a dev kit that is publicly accessible. Will there be a non-pro version of it? Most likely, for around $3800 its spendy.

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