Kitchen Stove Hood Makeover

Kitchen Stove Hood Makeover

Another project in my kitchen renovation is to change up our stove hood instead of buying a $600 one I’m going to fix up our old one.

With the hood removed I stripped down, cleaned, sanded and primed the hood to get it ready for paint. I’m going with this spray automobile primer that also does some patching as well and comes out looking really nice after sanding. Next is to do a few coats of “stainless steel” paint which has real metal in it. A few light coats to go to a good looking setup. Next I’m going to be changing the wiring configuration to include a Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 to allow me to control the vent and the light using HomeKit which should be a nice addition to this 1960s based unit. Finally I’ll put a coat of clear to finish it and reinstall the thing. I hope it works out, looks good and functions like I want it to.

Aqara Dual Relay in action

Aqara Dual Relay Module T2 with Matter

Specialty Appliance Satin Stainless Steel Enamel Spray Paint