Back to blogging

A few days ago I was looking around on my blog here at and found a few key milestone blog posts that brought back some memories, the list below isn’t in order at all 🙂

What stinks is there are quite a few things that have happened that just were not documented which upsets me. These blog posts made me think: “why haven’t I been updating my blog more? What’s stopping me?” I think the main reason why I don’t update as often (if at all) is due to the fact that sites like twitter and facebook with its attractive micro-blogging and short bursts of content take less time to put out and are easy for me to do. One thing I have been doing for quite some time is to archive my daily “tweets” (twitter updates) on my site so that they are searchable. Unfortunately I didn’t have the foresight to do this from the beginning of me using twitter, my first tweet was on Feb 23 2007 and March 2008 is when I started archiving the tweets as weekly blog posts. As of this writing I’ve posted 21,000+ tweets and here is what says about this:

We count 21,896 Tweets in the last 1,581 days which amounts to 14 tweets per day. That is a LOT.

Recently I started a tumblr account and started posting a few things here and there on it. This works ok but I really want to own my content and have it live someplace where I can archive it. So what I ended up doing is installed this plugin called WooTumblog which for the most part turns my WordPress blog into a Tumblr where I can post Quotes, Links, Photos, Articles and such. I’m excited see how this works and have a place where I can share what I’m interested in without having this data stored elsewhere.

Expect more content here and thanks for coming by and reading my stuff!