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Ok, so were a little slow but we finally went and had our engagement pictures taken yesterday. My old co-worker David from Lunarpages and his trusty awesome Canon 10D digital camera went with us to two locations to take pictures. I think what we got in the end is an awesome set of pics and we had a good time taking them. We ended up going to two locations, Central Park in Huntington Beach and “The Wedge” in Newport Beach. We weren’t sure if “The Wedge” was going to work out, in my mind i thought they would but once we got there we all saw some potentinal.
Lil’ back story on why were running in some of the pics: We walked up to the area we wanted to take out pictures at and set our stuff down, shoes off, purse down (Jen’s not mine, I like carrying mine) and we went to the are we wanted to take pics at, Snap Snap Snap Snap the camera went then all of a sudden this wave comes. We run and get away from it, but still got wet. Moments later another comes and made its way to where out stuff is. Jen’s purse starts floating away and my shoes as well. we grab them but some sand and water got in them (and jacked up Jen’s cellphone as well)… figures. Well the whole time David was snapping shots and got some good ones of us running. Now thats a kickass photographer. Also, give David’s gallery a view too: BlackToast.com
Engagement Pictures