How to make Chrome Profile Manager better

How to make Chrome Profile Manager better

If you are like me you have quite a few profiles in Google Chrome and you switch between them all the time. The new Chrome person switcher just sucks and requires too many clicks to switch a user (click name in upper right, click switch user and then click user in popup)

There has to be a better way so I started digging. Google has this “chrome://flags” page you can go to to make change to your Chrome settings. If you go there and search for  “profile management” you’ll find these 3 settings:


Depending on the combo you end up enabling and disabling you’ll find that you can switch to a new user quite quickly.

If you model your selections like mine above you end up with a dropdown that looks like this:

chrome___flags__ignore-gpu-blacklist 2

The 3 avatars in the middle of the dropdown are clickable and will open a new window with that persona enabled for that window session. The main thing that is triggering that functionality is Enable fast user switching in the avatar menu.

You can also try disabling the “Enable new profile management system” and “Enable the new avatar menu” and you’ll end up with a more simplified dropdown menu:


Now you have two options to choose from both of them get you to switching users quicker than before. Let me know in the comments how this works out for you.