Moving from Feedly over to News Explorer but will I stay?

Moving from Feedly over to News Explorer but will I stay?

I replaced Feedly which I've been using since Google Reader (RIP) died a quick death in on March 13, 2013. Wow it's been that long? I wasn't clever to switch over to this new system on that exact date but regardless I moved from Feedly over to News Explorer. As written on the tin - "News Explorer syncs your RSS, JSON, Atom and Mastodon feed subscriptions, folder setup, news items, read statuses and favorites across all your Apple devices" and I've been using it on my Macbook, iPhone and iPad with no issues at all. All synced and updated I feel like I'm reading everything from one place instead of multiple places.

Why did I switch?

Feedly kept showing some API limit messages on their web interface at various times throughout the day and it was an old website that didnt feel like it was getting the attention that it deserved. I searched around and lated on News Explorer and I like the interface and its ability to limit the amount of old posts it keeps unread so I don't feel overwhelmed when open it and I'm not faced with 999 posts from all the websites I sorta-kinda read. It syncs with iCloud and does daily snapshots to keep it sync'd which is nice.

Whats cool about it?

The limiting unread content by X number of days is nice so things just fall off the end and I dont have to read about what happened 6 months ago but rather limit things to no more than 10 days so I'm staying current but not falling behind.

I also like that there are a few reading modes: Feed Article, Mercury Reader, Arc90 Readability and website article. So you have some options.

  • Feed Article just shows you the text that was in the RSS feed. Some are the excerpt and others are the full thing.
  • Mercury Reader removes ads and distractions leaving only text and images for improved reading view on any site.
  • The Readability algorithm was developed in 2010 by Arc90 labs. Its main goal was to offer media consumers the option to get rid of the junk on a website, and focus only on the relevant content
  • Website Article just lets you see the website as if you went to the page directly.

The reading modes are nice because you can set one for default for all your feeds and then you can set different ones for each individual feed. So if you read a site that has LOTS of ads or weird formatting issues you can control by trying the different reading modes.

What it lacks

Being able to save a URL to easily. I love collecting fun links and sharing them and sadly I haven't found a clean way to do that.

No shortcut support

Will I keep using it?

A while back I was looking at inoreader and was on the fence since it's a paid service but it has some awesome features that I'd get a lot of use of. For now I'll stick to News Explorer and see how it treats me and if I can get it to talk to to save links.