OS X Clipboard Management with Alfred 2

OS X Clipboard Management with Alfred 2

Don’t you hate it when you are looking for a solution to a problem and you already have the solution and didn’t know it? Well, that happened to me just now. I was looking for a way to manage my Mac’s clipboard so if I copied more than one thing I could go back and paste the first one and then the second one. Typically a clipboard only allows for one item at a time to remain in it, if you copy something new the old one is removed and the new one replaces it.

I’m a huge fan of Alfred (Setup a custom Web Search with AlfredHow to switch the keyboard shortcut for Spotlight to AlfredWhat was that app’s name again?Working with Tags in OS X) so when I can find a way to do something new with it I get excited. I was google’ing around looking for a good solution for a clipboard manager and found a site talking about using something called ClipMenu (Ugh, another menubar app I already have enough stuff in my menubar as it is)



Clipmenu sounded like a cool solution to the problem I was facing but then the website said that Alfred also does this and the same way you just need to enable it. Under Features in it’s Preferences there is “Clipboard” if you enable that you can do some cool stuff with the clipboard.Alfred_Preferences

Alfred has some great docs so I’m not going to recreate them here, go check them out Clipboard History and Snippets and make sure you buy the Powerpack if you haven’t already done so since it’s required and makes Alfred a Super Hero.

The Verge did a great video on this feature and other stuff Alfred can do too.