Too many outlets not enough data to output

I had a realization today I’m lacking content for all of my blogs, in the past I had all these great idea for postings (video, audio & text) but never the right place to put them. It all started with, my personal website. I posted all sorts of stuff there and it became my catch all for ideas and such. I later created and moved all the stuff over to there. Later I started my livejournal account and used that for things that I felt were a bit more private. That was lame since I didn’t have the blog set to private or anything. At this point I had 2 places to put things that I wanted to blog about but sometimes I wanted things from to show up on livejournal and so I found a plugin to do the cross posting for me. I got into podcastings and Jen and I started TuckerTales, a place for both of us to talk to each other openly and rant about our kids. This worked fine but I wanted to discuss some techie stuff sometimes so I started a blog / podcast called where I started to do some tech posts and videos of cool stuff I liked. After that came GeekFit, a podcast I record with my best friend Steve Klassen where we talk about health and fitness with a geek perspective. There are a few other blogs I have that fill a need but slowly but sure they were getting less and less blog posts as time went on. Why is that? One word.. Twitter. For those of you that have been living under a digital rock, twitter is a microblog where you are given a maximum of 140 chars to post to. What’s nice about this is the fact that these tiny postings are great for small brain dumps with little to no effort.

As you can see I have many outlets for my passions, and there are still more I haven’t mentioned. As I’m getting older and accumulating more responsibilities my available time has lessened and all of my blogs are suffering because of it. I think the big thing that has been eating up all my blogging data, like I mentioned before is Twitter. Its just sooo easy to bust out a quick line of text and hit submit and be done with it. I think I’m wasting quite a bit of good content by just boiling it down to 140 chars. By doing so I’m not getting many hits to my blogs and they end up suffering from this. Currently I have all of my twitter postings get posted to my blog once a day as 1 post but I think that’s the opposite I want to have happen really. I’d rather do 1 posting that’s quite meaningful and I took the time to write and have that posting sent out as a twitter for people to read and click on to read the rest of my thought. My blogs run on wordpress and there is a plugin called TwitterTools that will take care of the twittering a blog post subject for you. The only problem I have with doing this is that twitter is good for quick posts, so which do I do quickly and which do I do as a full on blog post? Should I revisit my days twitters and expand on a few key ones or should I do blog postings as a draft and just let them be posted to twitter when I’m done with the thought? I think I’m going to try the latter by using the iPhone WordPress app and just type out a quick posting to it and save as draft then when I have some free time go in there and expand on it a bit.

So there you have it, I’ll write some blog posts as drafts then dive in there and expand on them before posting to twitter. I’ll continue to post the minutia like braindumps to twitter since theres no real reason to expand on them.

Next up is figuring out how to remind myself to do the blog postings that will end up being twitters. Any thoughts? leave a comment.