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WordPress with Non Profits - Women Who WP

Nonprofit Resources

I wanted to share with you some nonprofit resources that I know about that may or may not relate directly with WordPress. With most web development gigs you tend to find out that you need to be the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Dealing with DNS, email migration, email setup, FTP, SSH, SSL and may other technologies that don’t directly relate to WordPress.

Below you’ll find the list of resources that include web hosting themes plugins and many different discounts that are available for nonprofits.

Sources for Discounts

Tech Soup

At the church that it worked up we buy quiet bit through the Tech Soup website this organization fines companies that are willing to donate services or discount their products and services at a very low rate. From Microsoft office being < $20 per seat too very very cheap SSL certificates. You’ll find many different things on the site and it changes almost daily so check back often and make sure you subscribe to their mailing list.



NJPA is the National Joint Powers Alliance and they give non profits deep discounts on all sorts of things. At the church or phone provider turned us to this organization they were able to provide us with a 35% discount on all services and hardware that sold through them. Make sure you look at the extensive list of products and services that are on here much like Tech Soup this list changes quite a bit.


List of updated resources

The Nonprofit WordPress Guide

Every nonprofit—no matter its size or budget—deserves a high-quality website that helps them achieve their mission and make the world a better place.

The Nonprofit WordPress Guide

The folks over at nonprofitWP tend to keep their list updated quite a bit showing all the different ways in which nonprofits can find discounts within the word press community. If you’re a company that makes a product or service you may want to think about providing discounts to nonprofits.



Email Hosting


Mailing Lists

Demos of Non-Profit sites using WordPress

Themes designed for Non Profits



Where can I download a copy of your slides?

WordPress with Non Profits from Jason Tucker